Dear friends, 

Last night Moira had her first full night of peaceful, painless sleep in quite some time.

Unfortunately, she was not to wake from this slumber. With overwhelming anguish and sorrow, I share with you the news that she has succumbed to this volatile and ruthless illness a short while ago. 

She left this plane peacefully, taking her final breath, surrounded by people who love her dearly. 

Before she closed her eyes one last time, we had a champagne toast to her and her extraordinary kaleidoscopic life, while eating raspberries and nodding along to R.Stevie Moore and Planxty albums. 

Moira was truly one-of-a-kind. 

We are eternally heartbroken, but we want you to know that she was fearless and ready to depart. She was brave and lucid and unafraid up to the very end. And, of course, she was making jokes and wisecracking the whole time.

We all knew Moira as being fierce and ferocious, but her deterioration was extremely rapid and despite her doctors’ valiant efforts, they could do little for her, given the complex, volatile nature and wide spread of the cancer. 

We now need some time to process and grieve. We will follow up with details regarding a celebration of Moira's life, both in Ireland and the United States. It will be huge, just like her heart, and we will post more later.


Gareth and Ondine

P.S. Fuckcancer






Hi everyone. 

As many of you know, Moira has been quite ill.

For those of you who are just learning of this news, please forgive me as it has been an intense time, particularly as we have only recently been given a clearer indication of what is happening. We are getting more information as the days go by. 

Moira has a confirmed cancer diagnosis. It appears to be quite complicated and quite serious. It is originating in the womb, but spreading to other organs. We are currently awaiting the results of a biopsy to determine the cancer type and stage of advancement. 

We are being well looked after, but she has a pretty brutal battle ahead of her. Chemotherapy will start as soon as this coming week. They want to shrink the tumours on surrounding organs, before talking about surgery on the complex mass in the womb. 

Right now they are concentrating on getting her nutrition up as she has been very weak last few days, and her comfort and well-being is of the highest priority. Unfortunately, due to the complicated nature of the cancer, food has been difficult, and pain management is tricky, but we are getting there. 

She is as hilarious and stubborn as always, charming the nurses and doctors. 

As you can imagine, theres a ton of texts and stuff coming at me, as word gets out, so this page is to serve as a focal point for updates, messages etc.  Moira's reach is far and wide!

I ask that you try keep messages, questions or comments to this page, and as hard as it might be, please be patient in terms of visitations. Of course she would love to see each and every one of you, but we have to make sure she keeps her energy up. Please also send this page to anyone who might appreciate the information. 

If anyone needs to send a message privately, you can email me on

The support and love has been overwhelming so far. We are keeping positive, and are ready to hit this hard. 



P.S feel free to post on her facebook page also, but we may not be looking at that as much.

P.P.S Here is Moira, last Monday, when we were on a busy ward with 6 patients. Lots of beeping and bustle, so she asked me to bring in her builder's earmuffs to block out the noise. We have been moved to a nice private room now with a great view and the nurses are amazing. 


Update: Hey everyone, people are asking if theres anything they can do to cheer up. If theres any photoshop wizards out there who want to have some fun, heres a couple of pics of Moi in the wheelchair, if you want to put her in some hilarious places.

Update 2: People can send her private messages on Facebook also. There is no need to comment in a public manner if you so wish. Thanksx


Update 3: