Moira had moved to Ireland with me, leaving so much behind her and facing into the great unknown. During a late night or two, she stayed up long after I had gone to bed, working through her thoughts and feelings, about our future and about her past. She would sit in our tiny apartment, in the middle of Temple Bar, Dublin, singing these tiny improvised raw fragile pieces, into her laptop, whilst the world moved, fought and danced outside. I was aware of a handful of these, as she had sent them to me at the time, and so, in her passing, I went looking for them. What I found was a folder within a folder, that led to the discovery of nearly 100 recorded pieces that I did not know existed. Initially, it was completely overwhelming. I began to wade through the recordings, picking out the pieces that spoke to me, in some way or another. I began to add accompaniment to them, playing as though she was in the room with me, singing these songs, embracing her completely improvised, one-off approach. I have compiled a collection of approximately 18 pieces.

This collection is called, ‘Do You See The Wild Coming Your Way?’, which is a quote I also recently rediscovered in a very early email exchange between us, and is available on many platforms now. 

Here is a spotify link.

Or listen directly on the website.


‘Kind And Handsome’.

The first track I am publishing, ‘Kind And Handsome’ stuck out to me the most. It’s obviously about me. A love song if you will. A love song, sang by this tiny voice. For some reason I had the urge to take this song and turn it outward, to make it for everyone. And I had the idea of welcoming loved-ones to add their voices to a ramshackle choir, singing with her, from one dimension to another.

Thank you for listening.

In the choir: Maeve, Derya, Kate, Ailbhe, Bryan, Emma, Marc, Kelly, Sarah, Rachit, Seán, Amy, Polly, Fin, Nancy, Alma, Alice.

I have time between now and the full release to add more voices, if anyone would like to join.

Additional cello by Alma.

Time flows like sand, but we inch forward, drip by drip.

I have now compiled, arranged and mixed the full collection of Moira's recordings and today want to share another track from, 'Do You See The Wild Coming Your Way?'.

This piece will close out the collection, and is entitled, 'Banner Year'.

I want you to know that this is not an easy listen, but I feel like making it to the other side is a profound and uplifting experience. I really don't want you to be afraid. Moira's closing words ring out, pull me in and let me know that everything is going to be okay, and that she is okay. She floats away, but she takes us with her.

I would suggest putting some headphones on, maybe taking a walk, or sitting somewhere comfortable.

As before, it was totally improvised and once-off. I have tried to transcribe the lyrics as best possible, but have a few bits I can't quite decipher. Maybe you could help?

Coming soon, will be one more track, before the full release, on cassette tape, online etc, with accompanying artwork by Isadora Epstein & Lorna Hayden, amongst others. Lorna provided the beautiful painting in this video.

Thank you.

All my love,

Gareth x

Recorded 16/10/10 at 03.30am

Banner year what brought you here, why did you go so quickly?
Buy two things that daily do distract me from your witty
Remarks and phrases and sharks and phases
Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye, goodbye.

Banner year a troubled stew, a sickness and a wellness
A frayed ceremony thats steeped in this stolen cemetery

I won’t bury, I love you any way, see you later, and later
And later in my dreams.

Banner year what brought you here, how did you come to think of?
Coming to and passing by, without a thought, of who and why.

Time, time, time, oh its time. Its time.

What are you going to do? Disappear, incompletely.

Have a sense of what your worth is. Have a sense of what your comfort is.

??????? in our mouth,

Holy Hell this wrecking place will be a place where I will dwell
And I will live here whether or ????
No one is faced with this saltine, a floor in a kitchen spells a lot more, a lot more, a lot more, a lot more. 
Bleach and a constant of seeking in contratulatory, amoré, amoré.

I won’t bury, I love you anyway. 
See you later, and later, and later in my dreams. 
See you later, and later, and goodbye and good night and goodbye and I miss you.

From the forthcoming posthumous collaboration, 'Do You See The Wild Coming Your Way?'

Words and Voice by Moira Brady Averill(1983 - 2016)
Music by Gareth Anton Averill.
Additional Strings by Ailbhe Nic Oireachtaigh.

24/02/12 - 04.02am

Heaven holds a place for those who pray for those who stay for those who whisper
And I have no idea what its like to do any of those things so I’ll ask your clemency

But when I wish for your embrace I hope that you’ll save a place
For when Im good and when Im not mad

And when I should and when Im sort of sad, in a way that suits you,
In a way that suits you. 

Have faith that it will get better
I have to try and I’ll a wear a sweater that says ‘get better’

But I won’t do so without your clemency
And I’ll never be happy, unless you’re happy. 

Have a
Take on
This vibration
I’ll keep
When you’re
I love you
I love you
I love you
I love you

I love you
But I am incomplete
And I know that you will try and meet me where
I need meeting, but I’m here, there.

Are you not, in a place, worth greeting?